Windows Server 2008 HPC Hyper-V 2008 Boot Options

Setting the right boot options and hypervisor settings on Windows 2008 HPC can be tricky. Here are some general Hypervisor settings for Windows Server 2008 HPC edition on the following types of systems:

- 3 Gb RAM+
- x64 AMD Processor (1 or more)

1. Update your system's BIOS with the latest version available.
2. Change the BIOS settings at startup and enable Virtualization
3. Boot back into windows and open a command prompt window

>bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOn

>bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype Auto


  1. I don't see any options to enable virtualization in my BIOS settings.

  2. Unfortunately not all x64 processors originally shipped with the capability of setting the nx bit on/off in the BIOS. If you're lucky, check with your hardware manufacturer and see if they've published an updated version. You can also check AMD's website for a list of processors that support virtualization, although most any x64 processor is physically capable of hardware data execution prevention by design, not all came with the BIOS capability.

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