Silverlight & P2P

Believe it or not you can create a P2P network with JavaScript alone. Here's how...

Setup a Static IPv6 Address Over Dynamic IPv4

You can create a static IPv6 using IPv4 multicast. If you're not familiar with IPv6 then I recommend using some online tools for help. You can use and to help you figure out your subnetting, broadcast address, and network address to accomlpish a multicast setup.

Here I will step through a simple example of using NAT traversal and multicasting to setup an IPv6 network of 4 computers behind an IPv4 router that obtains a dynamic internet IPv4 address using DHCP.

How to Create A Peer Network Cloud

Creating your first cloud is easy. Securing your cloud can be a little more difficult....

Windows Server 2008 HPC Hyper-V 2008 Boot Options

Setting the right boot options and hypervisor settings on Windows 2008 HPC can be tricky. Here are some general Hypervisor settings for Windows Server 2008 HPC edition on the following types of systems:

- 3 Gb RAM+
- x64 AMD Processor (1 or more)

1. Update your system's BIOS with the latest version available.
2. Change the BIOS settings at startup and enable Virtualization
3. Boot back into windows and open a command prompt window

>bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOn

>bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype Auto